I want you to enjoy your wedding day, whilst trusting me to be a ninja and capture things as they happen.  Creating artistic and Storytelling photography for your fun & relaxed wedding. With my unique approach to weddings, I capture timeliness photos for you in a natural and artistic way. I simply create beautiful images in a candid fashion, whilst you spend time together using beautiful backdrops, natural available lighting and creativity. Wedding photography should not be stuffy or boring.
I am the type of photographer that is as excited about your wedding as you are. I am  excited to meet your friends and family (or your dog!) and can’t wait to capture the fun you all have together. I get a huge kick out of capturing those moments you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling over when you see them. Like photos of your nan and grandad who have been together for 60 years, holding hands or shedding a tear together.  Every moment counts, regardless of the occasion.



Capturing those important moments on your wedding day. Freezing time in each photograph for you to enjoy in future. From the little details like your shoes and confetti, to the big stuff like your nan leaving lipstick on your cheek and the best man spilling his pint. Making beautiful photographs for you to be proud of, whilst letting you enjoy your day without too much posing. Immortalising emotions in each photo. How you feel about your partner, your child, your parents. I do this with weddings, but also family, engagement and couple shoots. Connection is everything

Latest Work

Myres Castle wedding with Humanist indoor ceremony | Emily & Oliver

Emily & Oliver had a fabulous Myres Castle Wedding. Their little pug, Bella, made a fabulous appearance, covered in a few flowers. The weather was all over the place on the day. A perfect mix of rain and sun. We were very lucky with the weather as it only rained...

Park Farm Daventry Wedding Photography with outdoor ceremony & Pizza

Park Farm Daventry Wedding Photography with outdoor ceremony & Pizza fest Rachel & Ned got married abroad where they live. They decided to fly back to the UK and have a family & friend fun filled wedding party. With an outdoor ceremony, a caravan bar & 3 courses of...

Balinakill Country House Alternative Wedding

Alternative Balinakill Country House Wedding photos Mhairi & Greig booked me for their Balinakill Country House Alternative Wedding, Featuring unique and quirky wedding suppliers from Glasgow. the came across my work online after searching for someone quirky,...