10 Best Gifts for photographers

20th July 2016

10 Best gifts for photographers

As a wedding photographer, I work with amazing couples. I have yet to work with a couple that has made me question my career choice – which is nice! Sometimes I even have couples who go out of their way to say thank you, which is never expected and always a huge surprise. From bottles of wine to chocolates and from fancy soaps to camera shaped accessories. I thought it would be a rather helpful post to put together if you’ve got a friend who’s really into photography – or wanted to show appreciation to your photographer (any genre really!). I am going to try and make this gender neutral, but writing as a female these are going to be things that I personally love, or have really enjoyed receiving. These make great birthday and christmas gifts for anyone into photography too.

1. Camera Shaped Lunchbox

Camera shaped gifts always go down well in my books. They’re cheesy, fun and most of the time they are actually useful. This is a camera shaped lunchbox, which although might be a bit of a gimmick, it’s still pretty cool. It’s handy for snacks on the road!

2. Camera Clock
This is pretty cool. Either next to photographer’s sleeping place, or taking pride place on their desk. We always need to keep an eye on the time to keep track of our day. With client consults, weddings, photoshoots, editing time and personal responsibilities a clock will always come in handy.

3. Camera toilet roll holder
Know a photographer with a funny sense of humour – specifically toilet humour? Consider getting them this toilet roll holder.

4. Foot Spa
Now, this breaks ranks a bit with the “camera shaped” tatt 😉 However I really think this would come in handy for the photographer in your life. Photographing weddings is hard. In winter, it’s freezing and you need to wear thick socks which don’t let your feet breath – and in summer you’re more than likely wearing socks or sandals which dry out and tire out your feet. Being on your feet from the morning of preparations until the dancing, not sitting down much and doing thousands of steps – most photographers I know including myself have ruined feet the day after a wedding. A foot spa is an amazing relaxation gadget!

5. Lens shaped mug
I have a few of these and they’re really handy! You can either use them as cups to drink from, as pencil holders, or just as decoration. There are a few variations some of which include insulated mugs and flasks.

6. Personalised Photographer Coaster
We drink alot of coffee/tea at our desks when editing. Believe me, without tea I wouldn’t survive my career 😉 Nothing like a hot brew when sifting through thousands of photos and a deadline to meet.

7. Mug
We can never have too many mugs. Like mentioned above, we drink alot of hot beverages. Something that reminds us of the awesome job we do is always nice.

8. Fuji Instax printer
This is a really handy gadget allowing you to print polaroids from your mobile phone.

9. Pamper pack
Male or female, photographing a wedding (especially in the summer if we’ve got a weekend of 2 or 3!) can take it out of you. A nice relaxing pamper day is a real treat, and having everything you need in a box such as face mask, foot treatment, hair mask is a great idea. You could even make your own one!

10. Books
There are so many amazing books out there specifically for photographers!

Full Disclosure: The little photos are amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase any of the above items using the link, I get a few pennies for my “Life’s little luxuries” piggy bank! It all adds up…


Totally loving the camera roll toilet holder. 

I know right? so cute! 🙂 Thanks for commenting Dennis!


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