Hello there!

i'm christine & I love hugs, tea & weddings

I could go on about how I'm a wedding & lifestyle photographer, how I take photos of you to give you the feels and how much I love my job - but I would hope from seeing a bit of my website already, that's all pretty clear so Im not going to bore you with random words.

So instead I'll jump to the proper "about me" stuff that you might want to know like...

1. In 4th grade I got a certificate for having a "sunny disposition". I was a bright kid, but clearly they felt this was more deserving on a certificate than my science project.

2. I love flowers and if I was to ever choose a different career path it would probably be floristry if I was to stick with something creative.

3. I was born and raised in South Africa, lived in Scotland with my Glasgow born dad before I met Steve and relocated to Bedford many years later.

4. I try operate aN eco-friendly business as much as possible so everything i do is digital. i'm also a huge environment fan, so if you're considering a balloon/lantern send off or having goldfish as centrepieces, i'm probably not the girl for you. 

5. huge fan of tea, chocolate, bubble baths and boxsets. 

I love animals. ALOT. I have two dogs who are like children to us. Riley is a whippet, and Alfie is a pug. They both love a duvet day with Netflix just as much as we do.



there’s nothing better than a couple in love, just trusting me to create something magical

i live for

• Cream Tea dates with Steve
• Long countryside dog walks
• A Netflix binge
• Weddings with laid back couples
• Sunsets and Golden Hours
• Reclining Sofas
•Family Roast dinners
• Board games and Puzzle bargains in charity shops

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