About me

If you’re thinking that South African/Scottish is an unusual pedigree, you’d be right. But I love my South African roots (I’ve even clung on to a hint of an accent) and I hold Scotland – my home of several years now – very close to my heart. It makes rugby allegiances a bit complicated but that’s about it. Or at least, it would if I had any allegiances. Or liked rugby. Or sport. 

What else would be good to know about me? 

What would be scintillating here? 

I can’t imagine you want a list of my favourite things (Pinterest, Tea, Grey’s Anatomy, dogs) or my pet peeves (littering, empty biscuit tins, those who dislike dogs), and surely you’re not interested in what my favourite part of Scotland is (I mean, ALL OF IT. But gun to my head, it’s the coastlines, the hills, the history-soaked architecture and the gritty little corners of the city that make such amazing backdrops for urban weddings). But perhaps I’ll share a little ramble about why I bloody love taking photos of people?

For me, photography should be about making the sun shine (although not always literally: I do live in Scotland, after all). A really, really good shoot – be that wedding, engagement or proposal – produces not only beautiful images, but two happy faces at the end of it. Photography is just another way of spreading the joy. It’s about showing people how beautiful they are at their most natural. It’s about roaming in no particular direction and letting the day guide you. It’s about getting out there and experiencing the utter gorgeousness of the world around us. 

What’s not to love? 

Random Stuff

Fav Things: Tea, Pugs & Whippets, Spotify, Apple Airpods, Cameras, Long Walks, Floral Patterns, Bold Deep Colours, Proteas, Slogan TShirts, Kinder Chocolate (yes I am a child)

Fav things to watch: Crime Drama, Netflix documentaries, Greys Anatomy, Ted Lasso