2017 Best of Wedding round up – Top 20 moments at weddings in 2017

1st January 2018

2017 Reflection

2017 has been a rather fantastic year. Full of incredible weddings, adventurous couples shoots and exciting events in the lives of my clients. My personal life has been somewhat jam-packed too, having just had our own wedding in October. I always feel that New Year’s day is a perfect time to reflect on all the things that happened the year just gone. To get excited about what lies ahead, the beautiful lessons we take forward with us, the relationships we built in 2017 that we can nourish moving forward – and just, in general, try to enjoy life to it’s fullest. After all, we only get one.

2016 was a somewhat scary and intense year for us in our personal life. Having lost my mother the year previous, we almost lost my dad in December. It’s taught me that it’s the moments that matter. Time with people. Relationships that give back. Material belongings can be accumulated, thrown away and forgotten. Memories, however, the smell of something, the feel of something, the emotion of something can all come flooding back within seconds. I’ve spent 2017 being thankful for the people I have in my life, the memories I’ve been blessed with, with those no longer with us – and the photographs I have of them, or of time which has passed us. Of course, it’s a bit cheesy – I’m a photographer, it’s natural for me to love photos. But the changes that hit our lives means that pictures are what we have left to fall back on.


Importance of photographs

When I became a photographer, it was simple. I took photos, I got excited by the artistic nature of an image, and it made me feel good when I took a picture which made people happy. However, as time has gone on – these feelings have developed so much more. When my mother passed away,  one of the only material things I was interested in was the photographs that she’d kept in albums & keepsake boxes. I’ve spent so much time looking at those pictures and building upon the memories I have as a child. When we got married, none of my family from South Africa could attend. The feeling of being able to share the day with them through photo & video is just so warm & fuzzy. I love technology and the connection it brings us.
Those of you who know me, know I ramble – so I won’t go on too much. My point is, photos are essential. Memories are important. Not only for us, but for our kids, our friends, and our families. I feel so privileged that I can provide something so special to my beautiful clients. It almost doesn’t feel real. While reflecting over this festive period, I’ve taken some time to think about every wedding I’ve photographed – it’s been quite emotional and overwhelming, in such a positive way! I’ve put together this list of Top 20 moments from the weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend this year. If you get to the bottom, there’s an extra special treat too!


With love
So with this blog post, I want to thank each one of my clients. Not just 2017, but since I first started way back when in 2012. My first couple Steph & Steven in April 2012, right until my last 2017 clients Sarah & Dawid in December 2017. You’re all epic people, every one of you. Thank you for supporting a small business who’s passionate about what they do – bringing you memories that make your tummy heart from laughing, your cheeks damp from crying and your hearts warm with love.
 I wish you & yours a fantastic festive season, a beautiful new year – and so much love.
Christine x

Best 20 Wedding Moments of 2017

1.Bella the pug at Myres Castle

Pug at Myres Castle wedding in Scotland

Bella the pug surprised her mum & dad at their Myres Castle wedding, wearing gorgeous flowers on her harness. She stayed a while for some photos before the rain started. She was ever so friendly, running off to greet all the guests very eagerly. I love dogs, so when there’s an adorable pooch that turns up for a little while – a photo must be had.

2. Sunset at Broxmouth Park

Broxmouth Park sunset wedding photo

A sunset moment at Broxmouth Park made my heart melt. Jessica & Danny had a beautiful wedding at Broxmouth Park, after planning their big day from abroad. They booked me for my landscape wedding photos, my attention to detail and my relaxed nature. They were happy to do anything I’d suggested for a good photo. So after the meal when the light was going golden, we went for a wander to the bridge and ended up with this. Want to see more from this Broxmouth Park wedding? Visit the blog post here.

3. Emotional flower girl during wedding ceremony

Flowergirl crying during wedding ceremony

An adorable flower girl shedding a silent tear at this emotional wedding ceremony in St Andrews, Scotland. It’s easily one of my favourite moments because of how touching it is that she’s paying so much attention to the ceremony itself and how well behaved both girls are.

4. Confetti moment after the sword kiss

RAF Sword wedding arch

This next moment is also a special favourite as it was my first RAF wedding that I’d photographed. After the ceremony, the sword party line up and the couple need to kiss in front of the swords before they’re allowed to exit. Once they had kissed, they were thrown with confetti. The weather on this day was so perfect that we headed for some St Andrew’s seaside views afterwards.

5. Sunflare at Gean House

Sunflare at Gean House wedding

Photographing Michelle & Craig’s big day was super special too. It was a 2-day wedding at Gean House in Alloa. As the wedding was in summer, it was very warm and sunny which sometimes poses its own challenges to wedding photography. Not at this moment though – just as we were leaving the forest I turned around, told them to stop and turn to one another – and this is what I got.

6. Sunlight moment at Myres Castle

Sunflare at Myres Castle wedding

This Myres Castle wedding photo was a lucky one, and one of my favourite moments of the day. In order to catch sun flare, you need to be in such a precise position at a very specific time before it disappears due to clouds or sunset. It rained super hard on their wedding day, and just after the meal it had cleared up. We decided to go on an adventure around the Scottish castle and found this little nook just where the sun was peaking over. I asked them to just stand and relax together and I ended up with this.

7. Beautiful light & a romantic stroll after some heavy showers

Relaxed wedding day portrait in black and white

Again, blessed with some dry spell luck, we headed out for some photographs just before the meal – during a dry spell. This couple was just full of love and laughter. It rained so much but didn’t impact the wedding at all, and I am so thankful that we had this beautiful sun flare during the dry spell. A wonderful day filled with great food, incredible entertainment and really lovely guests.

8. THE confetti moment of the year at Colstoun House

Left over confetti being thrown in the air by flowergirl

This is one of my favourites from 2017 because of the sheer excitement on her face. Claire, Stefan and I had gone for a wander around Colstoun House for some wedding portraits. As we were standing outside of the polytunnel, one of the flower girls picked up the remains of the confetti and just thrown it in the air. I am so happy I was there to capture this and personally just love it so much. Kids bring such spontaneity to a wedding day and they’re always ones to watch for great moments like this.

9. Autumnal greenhouse with reflection

Colstoun House wedding photo

Colstoun House has a beautiful greenhouse and I wanted to utilise it in a different way. So I asked Claire & Stefan to stand inside, whilst I went around the outside and captured this textured image of them. With the leaves changing colour due to autumn and the reflection of the trees behind me I just love it.

10. When emotions reached another level

Groom sees bride for first time

This has got to be one of my favourite “groom” photos. It’s just so authentic and emotional. Just as Sammy was walking down the aisle towards Taz, he started to well up. Rightly so, she looked absolutely beautiful. This lovely couple booked me quite a long time before their wedding, giving me plenty of time to get to know them and learn about their relationship. They love one another so much – and the little touches that they did for one another on the morning of their wedding (and Taz’s lovely wedding speech!) just gives us insight into where this raw emotion came from. It was such a touching moment – I even got a lump in my own throat!

11. It’s party time! POP!

Daventry Park Farm wedding photo

Ned & Rachel travelled from Australia to tie the knot at Park Farm in Daventry. It was a day with perfect weather, food and company. They had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony where they were blessed by someone special to them. Their guests made a semi-circle around them allowing for the perfect view. After they had put the rings on, each guest had a party popper which they’d let off. Being environmentally conscious, each guest also picked up the remains and streamers from their poppers to dispose of. To see each guest surrounding them with love and happiness from all over the world was just a beautiful sight.

12. Tender moments after a rainy day

Rainy day wedding photo at Ansty hall

This unexpected natural wedding moment is also a favourite of mine. I used to work with Charlotte and was so touched when she asked me to photograph her and Trevors wedding. Especially since Trevor is a keen photographer himself – it meant a lot. They tied the knot at the lovely Ansty Hall in Coventry. With heavy showers throughout the day, we grabbed some umbrellas and found a break in the weather to take some photos down at the church. The farm behind them was all fogged over. Charlotte leant over to adjust the frills of her dress whilst Trevor gently moved her hair away from her face – so full of romance! Also, check out the detail on her wedding dress, and Trevor’s perfectly groomed beard!

13. Symmetrical reflections & relaxed portrait time

Creative reflection wedding photo

Blessed with beautiful weather for this moment, we found the perfect spot at Norton House in Scotland. With the direction of light, it resulted in this 3 point reflection which I am super chuffed with. I love texture and moment and symmetry. I love working with lines, patterns, colours and character. To me, this sums it all up. With no intense posing, just a relaxed “stand there and chat to one another for a couple of seconds” resulted in this!

14. The “Can you believe this is our wedding?” moment

Couple standing together for their wedding photos

Ruth & Glen are a super lovely couple and I was so lucky to have worked with them this year. Having put a lot of time, love and energy into their wedding, they pulled it off beautifully. From speaking to them on skype and email in the run-up to the day, you could just tell how bonded they were and how special their wedding day was to them. This moment, in particular, is one of my favourites because of how natural and unposed it is. They were just standing together after I’d guided them into what looked good and they just did their own thing – I zoomed into this moment and this is what I got.


15. Woodland group photo with the girls

Creative group photo

This super organised bride & her bridesmaids were ready ahead of schedule. To utilise the grounds of where they were getting ready, we wandered to these logs and got creative for a bridesmaid group photo. I loved the moment this was taken because of how much fun Rebecca & her closest girls were having, all excited for what the day had in store for them all.

16. Intense sun flare at Wethele Manor

Sunflare wedding photo at Wethele manor

This photo sums up what an incredible day it was. With the heavy scattered rainfall stopping just 10minutes prior to the outdoor wedding ceremony – we were lucky. After the meal, we went for a wander around Wethele Manor and boom! Job done. The golden hour on this day was perfect with a beautiful sunset falling over the fields behind the marquee and accommodation.


17. A loving moment during the speeches

Romantic wedding speech photo

Imogen and Andrew put so much love and effort into their wedding day, to make it unique to them. With incredible catering, entertainment and little touches it was just a beautiful day. The thing that stood out most to me was how much they love one another. The affection they show towards one another is summed up in this photo for me. During the speeches Andrew lifted Imo’s hand, tenderly kissed it and looked at her lovingly. It’s authentic moments like this that just make me all warm and fuzzy inside!

18. A Sunset smooch

Couple kiss at sunset at Oxenfoord

2017 seems to have been a year of magical dry spells. Just as I was about to leave, I saw the sky. Claire & Matt admired it for a bit before having a quick smooch with that as their backdrop. I have so many special memories from each of my weddings so its always hard to pick one – but to me this shouts “we did it! look how perfect our day was!”

19. Portraits by moonlight

Couple standing at coombe abbey in warwickshire

After the meal, just before all the light had gone, we managed to capture this reflection photo. It didn’t look like much at first, but with the right angle, and ignoring the smell of the pond – I was so pleased once I’d put this gallery together.

20. The start of the road

relaxed sunset wedding photo

Just before the light had gone completely, I managed to capture this. With the sun setting, the lines of the road leading towards them – I just love it. The moment itself was fun and special because like all portrait time, it gave them a chance to spend some time together, chat about the days’ events and just “be” without any distractions.

The 2017 Best Wedding Photographs Year End Slideshow

And finally… want to see all my favourite moments? Well, that would take too long as there were too many! But to sum it up, I put together a slideshow of my absolute favourites. Take a look:

For Testimonials, take a look here.  To get in touch to check availability, send me a message here. | To view more blog posts click here.


Amazing work great round up! all te best for 2018

Great work Christine!.. love the “ Confetti moment” frame 😀

A brilliant set love your slideshow you have a great eye

Stunning work as always Christine. I especially love the one of the little girl throwing the cones, super cute!

Beautiful moments captured, I love number 8 so much!

Thank you so much. I loved each of my weddings this year, but 8 is definitely one of my favourite moments!

Excellent work and I love how you have crafted this post and thanks for sharing. Wishing you an amazing 2018! xx

Thank you my dear! 🙂 Hope you had a good Christmas, and new year! Hoping 2018 is amazing for you.

Gorgeous work Christine! Wishing you all the best for 2018, Nx

thank you so much Natalie! 🙂 x Wishing you the best 2018 too! x


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