Choosing wedding venue

Choosing wedding venue

Choosing wedding venue – It’s just as important as finding the right Photographer, or the right dress. Each go hand in hand. A brilliant photographer will still be able to capture beautiful images, despite where you’re getting married, however the more beautiful and well structured the venue, the better job the photographer is able to do.

For example, getting married in the basement of a motorway hotel might be cheap and cheerful, and exactly what you’re after. And that’s great! but don’t expect light and airy, Pinterest-looking wedding images, regardless of how amazing your wedding photographer is. You can’t expect a breathtaking backdrop in your images, if you don’t have it as your base for the wedding.

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Thing’s to bare in mind when choosing a wedding venue:

  • Are there plenty of windows to let in natural light? Or is there a lot of ambient light? Natural light is important if you’re having a photographer who works with natural light. Professional photographers will have an in-depth understanding and skill set using artificial light (flash guns etc), however during the ceremony most of the time this isn’t allowed. Using artificial light (flash guns etc) during the ceremony is also very intrusive, and distracting. If the venue is well lit with either ambient light or window light, your wedding images will be better lit, and crisper (Depending on the photographer of course).
  • Is there somewhere picturesque for some images, be it some sort of greenery? This isn’t vitally important, but would be quite nice for some variety in your pictures, depending on the sort of images you’re wanting.

Twist: is there somewhere grungy and unique? Graffiti on the walls or something? Your photographer will utilise this and make some creative imagery

These images were taken by and are subject to copyright (2014). Please contact the photographer for usage information/permission.

  • Is there somewhere to go for photographs, or somewhere for your guests to relax and spread out if it’s pouring with rain? We’re in the UK after all 🙂
  • Is there somewhere to take some group photographs, that’s easily accessible for all ages (if this is important to you)
  • Is the dining room well lit? If you’re having images taken, or a video made of the speeches, this is important so that there aren’t big lights pointing at the speaker, or constant flashing lights.
  • What is the decor like? Does it fit in well with your decor ideas?
  • Is it big, or intimate enough?
  • Do they have an in-house caterer, and what is their food like?
  • Do they limit who you can use for your catering, if getting someone from outside?
  • Do they have enough bathrooms for the number of guests you’re having?
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible for any of your guests?
  • What is their cancellation policy?
  • Is there a payment schedule?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Is there a room or something for you and your new spouse to go get some chill out time away from everyone for 5minutes?
  • How far are your venue’s apart? You only have limited time for photos, and travelling eats into this.These images were taken by and are subject to copyright (2014). Please contact the photographer for usage information/permission.

Here’s a list of some unusual, beautiful wedding venues in the midlands

If you’re wanting more information about getting married in England or Scotland, view my dedicated pages for information and wedding venue ideas here:

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