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alternative & quirky couples photography

My photography approach focuses on the little details. My aim is to bring who you are as people, out in a photograph. Whether that's during a portrait shoot of just yourself, a maternity session where you're welcoming a new life into the world - or whether it's a simple couples or engagement session.

An engagement session is a great "add-on" which allows you to get familiar with being photographed. It's a fantastic opportunity to get comfortable with me as your wedding photographer , have a giggle and get some fantastic photos to remember this milestone in your relationship.

I try and avoid cheesy poses and instead capture "you being you", together. Couples sessions or Portrait sessions range from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on what you're looking for.

Couple's portrait sessions

1Hr £250
2Hr £350
3hr £500

check availability

I love capturing moments, and people as they are. I love freezing things in time, to be remembered forever. I love giving someone a photo and them going "oh my God, that's me!" "Look babe, that's us!" "Look how in love we are..." 

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