Jephson Gardens Engagement Pre Wedding Photos Leamington Spa | Lynsey & David

7th July 2016

– Lynsey and David’s Engagement –

Lynsey and David won an engagement shoot through a competition I ran a couple of months ago. We decided on Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa, as Lynsey said that she wanted variety. We thought of somewhere that wasn’t just greenary, but had lots of other bits to offer, and was relatively local.

We started our photo session at 19:00, and were so fortunate it didnt pour with rain. The weather app said it was going to be raining between 19:00 and 21:00. The rain held out until we finished just after 20:00!

To start the photoshoot off, I wanted Lynsey and David to relax. They’d never been photographed by a professional photographer before, and were a bit nervous and really just wanted natural photos. We started off with them just talking a stroll, and me photographing from a distance. As the session went on, I did get closer and closer, but as a whole kept a slight distance as to not make them feel even more awkward. We were really fortunate that not only was the weather dry (albiet a bit grey!) but the park was quiet and there wasn’t anyone staring at us, which always helps.

View Jephson Gardens Engagement Pre Wedding Photos Leamington Spa below!


Hi I was just wondering if anyone gave you any hassle for taking professional photos in and around Jephson Gardens? I know they hire out the buildings and some parts of the gardens for various events (weddings etc), so is it still OK for members of the public to use those general areas for photo taking without booking the event specific venue area of Jephson Gardens first? Thanks in advance for your reply!


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