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I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organisation, and having things link in. For organisation, I use Lightblue, which is a brilliant piece of software. However, the one thing I find it lacks, is the full integration with Apple Mail – and Apple mail’s integration with a calendar. It drove me so mad, that I looked to the other side… Outlook for mac. After a few hours of playing around, I hated it, and did some research in to things I could do to improve Apple Mail. This is just a quick How-to for my fellow photographer friends 🙂


Have separate email addresses

I found having a separate email address for Personal, Business incoming enquiries, Business Outgoing newsletter address, Email address for subscriptions like blogs etc.

So for example, For enquiries you could have

For outgoing mail like newsletters you could have

For Receipts of things or accounting stuff you could have

For subscriptions to stuff you could have or


That way you have different settings for each account. This is how I do it. You could just have 1 email address – and set up a bunch of rules if you like, for example “Emails sender containing “linked in” to go into folder “LinkedIn” ,  “Emails that contain Pro Photo Enquiry to go into “Enquiries” and so forth. Im really paranoid though and worry that I would miss something.


Install Send Later

Send Later is a great Apple Mail Add-On which allows you to type up an email, and schedule it to send at a specific time. It’s been a great help with late night emailing, when I don’t want to give the impression that I work 78hours a day – and also, potentially waking clients up.


Install Mail Tags, Act on and Perspectives

I find these to be really great add ons. Without going into too much detail, as you can read all about it and be sold on it HERE I find it really useful for adding times/dates to my calendar, from my inbox. I also set up reminders, so that if I email someone that I’ll have their album draft to them for the 1st of October for example – it reminds me that I need to follow that up. Great for keeping on top of things!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.21.46

Use your flags

You can colourcode/flat certain emails and create shortcuts for them


Tweak the default settings

  • Use 16:9 ratio: Uncheck “Use Classic Layout” under Preferences > Viewing.
  • Hide the Sidebar: Click View > Hide Mailbox list.
  • Use Conversation view: Click View > Organize by Conversation.
  • Create your own shortcuts: Head into System Preferences > Keyboard, and add any shortcuts you like under Application Shortcuts > Mail. For example, I added shortcuts for flagging and archiving messages to make Mail a little easier to use with just the keyboard.

You can read more about this here

Reply as soon as you can

use a mobile app like MailBox where you can delete, reply, or schedule to read it later. If you’re on your desktop, move it into another folder like “Blogs and stuff I’ll read one day when I have time” – I’m currently at 1098 emails in that one 😉 I should probably unsubscribe…

Have Folders

I have folders under each email address, and in those I have subfolders. So I’ll have

“Fresh enquiries” “Not going ahead cold leads” and “Clients”.

My “Clients” one is the most important as that’s the folder that holds everyone that booked. So I’ll have

Clients > Clients (year) > Jenny and Ross 20150620 (date)

Clients > Clients (year) > Another couple.. etc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.08.42

I also have folders for other stuff when I keep everything.. I have a horrible habit of leaving things as “unread” when i move them.. I need to triple check these are ok to mark as read 😉 ha!

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.14.42



Track if emails have been read

For this, I use Sidekick. For £10/month it’s well worth it! Here’s a month free 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.17.27

Interested in working together?



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