Photographers LOUNGE


A resource for photographers to geek out on all that is being a wedding photographer

Becoming a wedding photographer in 2012, I didn’t have half the resources that are available today. Fair enough, 2012 was only 5 years ago – but in business terms, that’s quite a while. I don’t know the exact figures, but businesses come and go so quickly, and it’s been statistically proven that he first 3 years are the hardest. There are so many things I wish I knew back then. It would have saved me thousands of pounds, and a lot of time wasted that I could’ve spent learning or earning.

I’ve spent some time putting together this Photographers Lounge, as I thought it would be a neat and tidy place to store useful blog posts offering help and advice, as well as a place to inspire and share. If along the way you need help with stuff I also have a services for sale section.

I wouldn’t change what I do, for anything in the world. Always follow your heart & passion, even when the going gets tough! Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Being self employed is HARD WORK. Be ready to have many late nights – and drink lots of coffee. Oh, but it’s so much fun!






Editing Service

Prices vary depending on what is required, but as a base I charge £200 per set of CULLED wedding images. Images are edited in Lightroom using a preset of your own if you wish. I normally go through the selection you’ve culled down and sent across, and edit it as if it was my own, with your style in mind for consistency. If however you have strict guidelines as to what you’re looking for, I can follow those too. I can make small adjustments to blemishes, however more extensive photoshop work will be quoted seperately.

I’m a natural & artistic wedding photographer based in Warwickshire. I work primarily with couples who love laughter and quality time spent with loved ones. I travel all over the UK capturing memories from the Scottish highlands to English countryside, so whereever your wedding do get in touch.