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Tips for starting out wedding photographers  | Editing & workshops

In the view below, I answer very frequently asked questions. I chose to do it in video format, because it was quicker and easier to get what I wanted to say out there 🙂 Hope you can stand to listen to my accent long enough! If not, I’ve written some basic notes down below to answer the questions directly, if you can’t be bothered to watch, and just want quick answers. These are some great tips for starting out wedding photographers


Q1. Who would you recommend for hosting a website with?

I would recommend ProPhoto – they’ve been absolutely amazing at their tutorials, and customer support. Get $10 OFF using the ProPhoto Coupon discount code CMCN9987

Q2. Who would you recommend for hosting client galleries with?

I would recommend Zenfolio. I’ve used them for years and years, and find them incredible value for money. I upload my high res files, and set up coupon codes and gift vouchers for my clients. They’ve just released a super cool App too for clients! Looking for a Zenfolio Discount Code? Look no further. Get 10% off Zenfolio with this code: 4R2-AZN-T4Y 

Q3. What do you recommend for an efficient editing workflow?

I recommend culling with Photomechanic. It’s worth every penny! Use this Photomechanic coupon code: 15% 2015KELBYPM . I also use lightroom and this combination helps me be an editing ninja. Obviously you need to find what works for you. I use photoshop for any detailed editing I need to do. Ooohh I also recommend Blogstomp!

Q4. Would you recommend any wedding photography courses?

Yes! I would highly recommend Photography Farm by Lisa Devlin, and Welcome Home by Emma Case & Pete Smyth. Whilst at Photography Farm, Tigz Rice was there too, and she gave excellent tips on lightroom – tips I couldn’t get by without knowing in my business today. She’s an absolute genius!

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