Unusual wedding venues Midlands

Trying to find the perfect wedding venue to get married in, I personally think is the hardest part about planning a wedding. I think it’s particularly difficult if you’re looking for something that suits you both as a couple, where you can have a bespoke unique wedding day. I thought it would be useful to create a page of Unusual wedding venues Midlands.

You can also see more ideas for English wedding venues, and work of mine at a page I created specially for English weddings. << Click here >>

Unusual wedding venues Midlands

I am passionate about doing things your own way. Why should it be any different when it comes to planning a wedding? Alternative Wedding photography catering for couples who want a bespoke experience is my area. Because of this, I decided to do some research and create a helpful list on venues throughout the Midlands that one would class as a bit different.

Everyone has different levels as to what they think is different, and suits them. Some of these venues will range from country houses, to converted cinemas. Basically, it’s anything that’s different to the normal hotel wedding with the satin chair covers and big purple bows.

Many of these venues are exclusive use, or blank canvases. You can have great fun with these by putting your own stamp on them with wedding decor.


If you’re anything like me – you’d like a list of links to go and check out. Well, here’s a personally researched list of Unusual wedding venues Midlands.

  1. The Bond Company – Birmingham
  2. Bonded warehouse – Stourbridge
  3. Severn Valley Railway – Kidderminster
  4. The Safari Park – Worcester
  5. Hogarths – Solihull
  6. Hogarths – Stone Manor
  7. Birmingham museum – Birmingham
  8. Ikon Gallery – Birmingham
  9. Custard Factory – Birmingham
  10. Moxhall Hall – Sutton Coldfield
  11. Rosliston forestry centre – Derbyshire
  12. Nuthurst Grange – Warwickshire
  13. Alcott weddings – A beautiful exclusive use camping wedding site in North Worcestershire
  14. Umberslade Farm Park – An exclusive use farm park with private marquee in Tanworth-in-Arden
  15. Grendon Lakes – Northamptonshire
  16. The Royal Pump Rooms – Leamington
  17. Wethele Manor – Warwickshire
  18. Warwick House
  19. Stoneleigh Abbey
  20. Skylark
  21. Ettington Park
  22. Rowton Castle
  23. Kenilworth Castle
  24. Wootton Park
  25. Cotswold House Hotel & Spa
  26. Walton Hall – Warwickshire



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