Creative Headshots of Vintage Model Portfolio Shots with Red Car

Photographing this session was quite a while ago now, but thought it was worth blogging because I enjoyed it so much. I really enjoy photographing people and making them feel good about themselves. These were stylised headshots, and not a natural photo session; so quite different to the norm for me.


The Photos

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland1.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland11.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland6.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland7.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland2.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland9.jpg Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland3.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland5.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland10.jpg

Vintage-Styled-shoot - Vintage-Styled-shoot-with-redhead-model-Scotland8.jpg

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