Let's chat about the Wedding Experience


  • “We want a wedding photographer…just not too wedding-y, y’know?”
  • “It just wouldn’t be our wedding without our fur baby in a few of the photos.”
  • “Can we just keep things natural?”
  • “If I have to look at another ‘whacky’ bridal party line-up shot, I’m giving up.”

Ringing a bell? I thought it might. And I have fantastic news for you: I understand.

I understand that you want to look like you, on your very best day, wearing excellent shoes, with your hair done just the way you like it, smiling and celebrating your life together. I understand that your wedding day is about feeling good. I understand that you hate stuffy wedding traditions that eat into your celebration time. I understand that you are about so much more than just your wedding day. I understand that this is about the pair of you, about that first moment you met, the life you’ve cobbled together for yourselves since and the future you’re eagerly scanning the horizon for. I get it. And that’s why you’re going to love being photographed by me.

Once you’ve booked me for your shoot or wedding (may I say what exceptional taste you have), I’ll ask lots and lots of questions about your wedding and position myself as the wedding cheerleader you never knew you needed. I want to hear it all: what colours you’re choosing for the flower crown, to the brand of brogue your father-in-law has bought himself for the occasion. I love detail, so go nuts.

On the day itself, I employ a natural, helpful approach. Nothing is too much trouble: think of me as both your photographer and a really useful extra person on your team. I always go above and beyond with the housekeeping: for example, I’ll check in with catering staff to see what time the food is arriving so that I can get you back from your couples’ portraits (if you’ve having any, of course) in plenty of time for the toast. We can do whatever ratio of portraits to group photos that suits you, although personally I don’t recommend doing too many group shots, you don’t want to miss your party.

I might ask you to step out of your comfort zone occasionally, just to nail that perfect portrait, but this is a collaborative effort and it’s important to me that you have a brilliant time on your wedding day and never feel uncomfortable. If you’ve got an awesome idea – or something that you really don’t want to do – just tell me. I’m a great listener and always up for trying something new.

The editing process is carried out thoughtfully and with plenty of care. This is where the magic happens. As soon as they’re ready, I’ll be in touch with your gallery details. I don’t do “sales-y”, but naturally if you’d like an album made up for you, I’m happy to do that. (PS They’re quite lovely)

I’m also a huge fan of sending clients a little bit of happiness in the post from time to time, so expect the odd treat from me.

Rachel & Stephen