Hey! Got a moment? I would love to pick your brains quickly. My question for you is: What moves you? What lights your fire? What gets you out of bed each morning? For me, it’s capturing some beautiful photographs of two people who really dig one another, making sure they have a bloody good time whilst we’re at it.

Like a brisk, blustery September morning on the Pentlands, a real connection between two people has to be felt to be appreciated. There’s nothing like the real thing. When I’m working with you and your partner – be that on your wedding day, proposal or couples shoot – I do my very best to capture you at your most authentic, whether you’re a couple of roaming wild things, or a cosy pair of home birds who prefer the simpler things in life (I’m partial to a bit of Greys Anatomy and buttery toast, myself), I am so excited to get to know you.

With me, you can always be yourselves.

Hi there. I'm Christine

A South African Wedding + people-in-general photographer living and working in glorious Scotland. Just outside of Glasgow to be exact. I like to work with creative types who love hard and roam wild.

(Ps I Like You Already)

“If it were possible to bottle up the warmth of the sun, add the feeling from a big hug and then turn that bottle into a person – you'd have Christine. She just so happens to take fantastic photos”

– Elisabeth & Stephen

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Latest Work

Sunny Scotland Couples Shoot in the Trossachs, Stirling

Joyful rainy day wedding with pug at Myres Castle in Scotland

Winter Scottish wedding at Colstoun near Edinburgh

This pair of love birds wanted some “Glencoe” for their engagement photos without actually going to Glencoe. So I worked with them and found a super cute location.

When this joyful couple got in touch and told me their pug was going to be making an appearance, I nearly broke my exclamation mark record. Myres Castle was so beautiful!

An insanely sweet couple, gorgeous November light & a Polytunnel. What more could I have asked for?

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