Wedding photography is my first love, and I still get just a little bit giddy when someone chooses me over all the other brilliant photographers out there to be with them on their day. I promise extensive, gorgeous coverage and feel good, natural photography.

you did it!

You found your soulmate, and now you can celebrate your love with everyone you hold dear. 

But maybe traditional types of wedding photos make you cringe, just a little. Or, maybe you want something that’s just a bit more personal, and really captures who you are, not just the ceremony itself. Either way, I’ve got you covered. I consider my style of photography to be a form of storytelling. Each photo paints a picture, and they string together the best moments of your day into something you can always look back on. It’s all in the details.



is this you?

“We want a wedding photographer that’s just…not too wedding-y, y’know?”

“It just wouldn’t be our wedding without our dog in a few of the photos.”

I understand completely.

this is me:

I understand that you want to look like you on your very best day: wearing the perfect pair of shoes, with your hair done just the way you like it, smiling and celebrating your life together. I understand that your wedding day is about feeling good as much as looking good. I understand that you hate stuffy wedding traditions that eat into your dancing time. I understand that this is about bringing your families together from all over the world, and having everyone there to celebrate the life you two are starting together. I get it. And that’s why you're going to love being photographed by me.

“Can we just keep things natural?”

let's do it

is where the magic really happens. I approach each set of photos with immense thought and care so you can get the absolute best quality possible. As soon as they’re ready, I’ll be in touch with your gallery details. I want to keep things simple and natural, so I won’t try to sell you any extras, but naturally if you’d like an album made up for you, I’m oh so happy to do that (They’re quite lovely). I’ve also been known to send clients a little bit of happiness in the post from time to time, so expect the odd treat from me!

the editing process

Once you’ve booked me for your wedding (and may I say what exceptional taste you have), I’ll ask lots and lots of questions about your wedding and your likes and dislikes and how you met to position myself as the wedding cheerleader you never knew you needed. I want to hear it all: What colours are you choosing for the flower crown? What’s your first dance song? Where did you find your wedding dress? I love all the details, so let’s gush about everything together. Got a dog? I want to know their name and get sent every ridiculous selfie you have with them.

how it works:

I want me being there to feel natural and helpful. I’m not the type of photographer to just stand in the background and take a few photos. I want to do anything I can to make your wedding run that much more smoothly. I’ll check in with catering staff to see what time the food is arriving so that I can get you back from your couples’ portraits (if you’ve having any, of course) in plenty of time for the toast. I’ll fix your hair or humour your camera-happy flower girl. Nothing is too much trouble; think of me as a really useful extra person on your team. I might ask you to step out of your comfort zone occasionally, just to nail that perfect portrait, but this is a collaborative effort and it’s important to me that you have a brilliant time on your wedding day and never feel uncomfortable. If you’ve got an awesome idea – or something that you really don’t want to do – just tell me. I’m a great listener and always up for trying something new. 

on the day itself

get in touch

A £350 non-refundable booking fee secures the date in my diary. Send me an email saying you wish to go ahead, and I'll send over the booking form. A super simple, stress-free process. 

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