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Scottish Couples Photography: Secret Herb Garden Couples Session | John & Fiona

Scottish Couples Photography: Secret Herb Garden Couples Session | John & Fiona

A Secret Herb Garden Couple’s Shoot | Mentoring another photographer

Kirsty from Bella Photography Scotland asked me for some mentoring recently. We met up with Fiona & John who were very kindly our models for the day. We had some coffee at the Secret Herb Garden and decided that due to the unpredictable weather and moody skies, that we would continue our session there. The Secret Herb garden is full of little nooks and made for a really lovely day. They do a mean cheese, onion and mustard scone – to die for! We started off with some simple relaxed photos and moved on to more intimate interacting ones. John & Fiona seemed to be pretty comfortable in front of the camera, I’m sure you’ll agree they make a super sweet couple who are completely naturally in love. Brace yourselves, there’s a lot of laughter that took place! 🙂 Kirsty also took her own photos to which we sat and went through & edited together after. It was nice being able to photograph John & Fiona as they had a child free day and really had a lot of fun. Full disclosure, Cake was also had.

You can view these Secret Herb Garden photos below:

couple standing at secret herb garden with moody sky

fun couples photo arm wrestling

laughing couple on shoot

Scottish Couples Photography: Lanarkshire Park Autumn Engagement shoot | Sarah & James

Scottish Couples Photography: Lanarkshire Park Autumn Engagement shoot | Sarah & James

Sam & James got in touch with me about photographing their St Andrews in the Square wedding which was planned for December. You can view their wedding here. We got together to talk about their plans, and in general give them a feel of what it would feel like to be photographed. Here are some images below. It was a pretty cold evening – but we caught golden hour just in time! Considering how cloudy it was, we did well.


Photography Farm Residential Summer Review | Snow White Styled shoot with Lucy Scarfe

Photography Farm Residential Summer Review | Snow White Styled shoot with Lucy Scarfe

Snow White Styled shoot

I had the pleasure of getting myself onto the Photography Farm workshop – and it was mind blowingly awesome. I am still recovering from the time I had, processing all the things I learnt, and attending to the lightbulbs that went off in my head. With it being peak season for me, my head and schedule is a bit chaotic, so I will go into the awesomeness that is photography farm once I’ve got enough time to give it the detailed post it deserves. For now though – check out the images I made whilst there. Lisa just took my breath away managing to put this all together, with the help of all the collaborators. She called it “Snow white”, and we really stripped it down to something a bit more meaningful, as opposed to just setting up a shoot with someone pretty and snapping away… it really opened my eyes to styled shoots, and how to get inspired and creative.

lucy scarfe model looking down with moody wedding makeup


14 Floral Styled shoot of snow white at photography farm

vogue style wedding posing






Thank you to everyone who made the shoot possible – especially Lisa! x

Organiser/Main photographer: Lisa Devlin

Shot at Photography Farm

Model Lucy Scarfe

Dresses The Couture Company

Accessories Flo and Percy

Set Design and Flowers Petal and Feast

Hair and Make-up Elbie Van Eeden

Assistant Alexa Clarke Kent




Scottish Wedding Photography: Butterfly and the Pig Tea Rooms Wedding

Scottish Wedding Photography: Butterfly and the Pig Tea Rooms Wedding

Annette and Andrew got in touch with me whilst planning their Scottish wedding, from London. They planned to get ready together at Landmark Trust Auchinleck House, and then have an intimate humanist ceremony at The Butterfly & Pig in the West End of Glasgow. The weather on the wedding day was lovely and the atmosphere was just perfect. Andrew’s family travelled from South Africa to attend the wedding and Annette’s family & friends travelled from abroad too.

I absolutely adored taking these Butterfly and the Pig Tea Rooms Wedding Photos. Annette & Andrew are one of my favourite couples to date, and their wedding will always remain one of my best. Everything was perfect, from Annette’s beautiful wedding dress, Andrew’s handsome attire right until the cutting (and tasting!) of the wedding cake. Annette and Andrew’s family were absolutely lovely, really making me feel welcome to the day. Annette and Andrew got ready in the magnificent The Landmark Trust house. The landmark trust house is definitely one of the most beautiful venue’s I’ve ever had the honour of taking bridal preparation photographs at. The light was gorgeous, with many opportunities for creativity. The grounds are well kept, and provide much opportunity for photographs. We were blessed with amazing weather, and the setting was blissful. The landmark trust house was set in-between greenery and peacefulness. The lovely Aisle Makeup did Annette’s, and bridesmaid’s makeup – and what a brilliant job they did. Annette’s makeup lasted hours, despite the tears to come! 🙂 Andrew looked incredibly handsome in the stunning shade of blue that he chose. As Andrew and Annette were in the same venue, I nipped up and took some pre-wedding portraits of him too! Annette and Andrew did a fist look! It was so emotional. Andrew’s face lit up as soon as he’d seen Annette. It was very difficult to not shed a tear when taking these! The love between these two filled the room. We decided to have a game of table tennis, and an arm war, before tying the knot. You know, nothing out of the ordinary (hehe!) We took some family portraits before leaving for The Butterfly and The pig in Glasgow, but these are the fun ones out of the bunch! The interior of the Tea Rooms in Glasgow (The Butterfly and the pig) is stunning. Filled with vintage tea plates, adorable bits and pieces and wonderful unique features. They had a wonderful wedding ceremony, performed by the wonderful Carline Lambie. She is a humanist in Scotland. She was funny, patient, spoke clearly – and absolutely lovely! I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Annette and Andrew broke a glass, adding a dash of tradition to their special day. The day was filled with beautiful colours, lovely treats and vintage touches. Annette and Andrew worked incredibly hard at putting their personal touches into the day. They chose their suppliers with such care, and it certainly paid off. Everyone worked incredibly well together,resulting in a smoothly run wedding day.

The Scottish Wedding suppliers used:

The butterfly and pig & The Landmark Trust house (Auchinleck House) | The Aisle Bridal hair & Makeup | Caroline Lambie | Phase Eight Evelyne | Moss Bros hire | Blushbooth | Andy Lucas Piano | roots, fruits and flowers (Glasgow) | Humble Pie Bakery (Glasgow)


Relaxed and storytelling wedding photographer who loves sentimental moments, dogs & a good cup of tea. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who shoots from the heart, has a unique style and who will care as much about your wedding day as you do – you’re in the right place.