Ashton Lane mini Pre Wedding photos on a rainy day in Glasgow

Lynne, James and I met at Starbucks to talk about their awesome wedding at The Caves next month. I am so incredibly excited to capture their day. We got on like a house on fire – talking about dogs, jobs, travelling…and eventually we chatted about the wedding!

I had my camera with me from doing a maternity session earlier that day. When we were taking a stroll back to the car, I thought we’d take some photos on Ashton lane before it got dark, whilst it was sort-of dry, and just to give them a idea as to what it would be like having a camera in their faces. We didnt take many, we didnt spend a long time, just these few frames.

I thought they were worth blogging because of how beautiful the light was despite the rubbish weather. I also thought they were worth blogging because – how damn cute are these two? I’m really looking forward to next month guys. Thanks for humouring me! x