The best photography business software that I use – Pixifi

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a good number of years now, and I’ve tested and trialed every. single. photographer. CRM. software. there. is.

I was exhausted and fed up. Nothing was ticking all my boxes or making me money. I used a variety of desktop based software, online software, mixed software and then – Pixifi. I was pretty invested in two different softwares before, but something was missing. I couldn’t explain it, or write down a list – I just knew I was lacking features that I needed in my life. I joined the Pixifi facebook group and discovered Tim was working on, or had released features that I never even dreamed of before. A client portal? Wow. Automated emails that take information the client provided? That’s incredible. There are so many features in pixifi, that I’ve been using it actively for 8 months and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I am part of the Pixifi academy launch team – and this is so exciting, it’s going to blow your mind. There are snippets of videos taking you through every single step of Pixifi. I can’t wait for it to be released to all of you to see really how incredible this software is. Yes, it requires some set up time – but imagine spending a few hours setting up everything perfectly to suit your business – never needing to touch it again if you dont want to, and letting it run and streamline your business with a workflow curated by you?

Since using Pixifi I have tripled my income, doubled my productivity and heavily reduced my stress levels. I have been able to easily keep an eye on, and adjust my goals and targets using the clear dashboard on the homepage, and the month to year comparison chart showing me how much better I’m doing this year compared to last, and the year before that.

“but wait… what does Pixifi actually do, apart from take away my stress and run my business for me?”

  • It has an online booking system where you can send a client a proposal, they accept, a contract and invoice is automatically generated and boom! They’re booked.
  • You can create digital price lists that clients can choose packages when a proposal is sent over
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Digital contracts
  • Lead pipeline
  • Overview dashboard
  • Import your finances from a bank statement
  • Workflow visualiser
  • Event timelines
  • Import leads straight from your website with all the info you need
  • works well with shootproof, mailchimp, smugmug, google, mad mimi and other top applications!