Colstoun House Accommodation Photos | Venue Interior

Disclaimer: These photos were taken in 2017 and the house, rooms and arrangement of rooms have changed a bit since. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit/zoom with the venue to walk through their beautiful accommodation.

Colstoun house is one of my favourite wedding venues in Scotland. So much so, I got married there myself. I love their approach to weddings, their ethics and the gorgeous light that the venue gets. Something that I didn’t expect to love so much, and have my guests comment on was the incredible comfort of the beds! When searching for photos of the Colstoun rooms I couldn’t find all that many, so I asked the team if I could take some photos of a few rooms to give those of you planning a Colstoun wedding an idea of the interior and exterior of Colstoun. Visit this page if you’re getting married at Colstoun and would like some Colstoun Wedding Planning tips. 

Our guests ALL said that they slept SO WELL as the beds were SO comfortable, which was great to hear it wasn’t just the bridal suite that had an incredible bed.