Devils Pulpit Finnich Glen in Scotland Trash the Dress Photos

14th February 2018
The History

Kristen and AJ got in touch with me earlier this year to photograph their August Pagan wedding in Scotland. They were planning their wedding from the US, and it was incredibly exciting. Their plans were fun, intimate and family focused. Their wedding enquiry sounded so amazing, I actually thought if it was a wind-up. Once they’d booked, they asked if I did honeymoon sessions. Kristen and AJ are both very interested in history and provided me with a few spots they were considering for their honeymoon session.

In the end, we decided on the Devils Pulpit. We were incredibly lucky that the water wasn’t deeper – and that the weather was ok. Originally we had scheduled the session but the weather wasn’t that great. Weather is a huge factor for a session planned in Finnich Glen (Devils Pulpit) as it’s very dark and grungy down there.

Getting to the Devils Pulpit

Finding the entrance proved to be challenging, and it was thanks to a blog post online that we found it at all. We wandered through the gate, over fencing and climbed over fallen trees. Kristen and AJ were both kitted out in their wedding attire during this process, to which I really applaud them. I found this Devils Pulpit guide the most helpful!

It was very wet and muddy from all the wet weather the previous few days. Getting down to where we wanted to go was quite the challenge! There was a very narrow slippery staircase, with not that many physical stairs left. There was a rope in a few places, however, it wasn’t a consistent rope that you could use safely all the way down. We, therefore, had to scootch down whilst sitting down, step by step. AJ was a great leader, despite wearing a kilt.

Backpack with camera equipment in tow, we got there in the end. It was breathtaking. The light was amazing, reflecting off the water in certain areas, peaking through the trees.

Kristen was amazingly brave and got straight into the water wearing her wedding dress, after a few romantic portraits on the rocks. AJ, one of the coolest groom’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with, joined her. Together they knew the photos they wanted, and they also knew they needed to work for them.

I’ll stop rambling now, and let you enjoy these photos. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!




Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress3.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress7.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress15.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress17.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress18.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress19.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress28.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress25.jpg

Trash the dress image in Scottish Devils pulpit in the summer with bride wearing pixi wedding dress

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress41.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress33.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress23.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress30.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress11.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress32.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress24.jpg

couple standing in waterfall trash the dress shoot in scotland

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress37.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress29.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress38.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress46.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress22.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress47.jpg

Trash-the-dress - Scottish-wedding-photographer-trash-the-dress45.jpg

If you’re looking for some advice on having a trash the dress shoot, you might like this helpful post that I put together on How to have a Trash The Dress session.


[…] Be realistic. If your wedding dress is off the shoulder and made from thin material, and you had dreams of floating on the water with the sun streaming down on you – don’t schedule it for December (UK). In fact, I am really surprised and exceptionally pleased at the lengths my American couple went too for their trash the dress session. The water was FREEZING, and it was August. They braved the water, and you would think the session took place in some caves in a warm country. Not once did they complain either, because these photos are what they wanted. […]

Amazing just beautiful photography and that location wow!

What a stunning trash the dress and after a wedding in Scotland!! Wow, absolutely gorgeous photography.

Oh wow, these are such unique trash the dress photos! Beautifully atmospheric!

Beautiful location for this trash the dress session! Lovely images 🙂

These trash the dress session is amazing, great work!!

Beautiful as always <3

Fantastic images as always lovely! <3 These are so so so gorgeous! x

Well these are very lovely!

Wow, thanks for taking the time to comment Lisa! x


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