10 tips on How to look after your wedding album

Jun 26, 2017

Wedding albums are precious (and expensive) heirlooms. They aren’t a temporary magazine or book only meant to last a few months. They are designed to be handed down from generation to generation. Here are 10 top tips to keep your wedding album in great shape.

  • Handle album and its pages with care to avoid bending, denting or scratching surfaces.
  • When not in use, keep your album in its original storage bag and box.
  • Always turn pages by their edges near the center of the book rather than outer edges.
  • Store album flat, in a cool, dry location without exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light.
  • Never keep your album in an upright position, unless you have it wedged tightly between heavy book ends or between other books to keep it shut tightly. Storing vertically may weaken the integrity of the spine.
  • Dust as needed with a dry cloth. For albums with leather covers, leather cleaner is recommended.
  • Avoid touching print surfaces with your fingers and clean with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Since every home is different every album will be affected differently. Depending on the size of  the book, the type of paper used and the style of album you purchase. To a certain extent slight page warping is normal.
  • Ultimately, albums are made for us to use and enjoy. Their primary function is to protect what lies within. A little wear and tear shows love and adds history and personality to the book, do don’t be afraid to get it out at family gatherings and reminisce
  • Keep away from food, liquids, harsh temperatures, animals and children to avoid accidental damage (trust me on this one!)

I wish you a lifetime of viewing enjoyment!



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