Photography Farm Residential Summer Review | Snow White Styled shoot with Lucy Scarfe

Snow White Styled shoot

I had the pleasure of getting myself onto the Photography Farm workshop – and it was mind blowingly awesome. I am still recovering from the time I had, processing all the things I learnt, and attending to the lightbulbs that went off in my head. With it being peak season for me, my head and schedule is a bit chaotic, so I will go into the awesomeness that is photography farm once I’ve got enough time to give it the detailed post it deserves. For now though – check out the images I made whilst there. Lisa just took my breath away managing to put this all together, with the help of all the collaborators. She called it “Snow white”, and we really stripped it down to something a bit more meaningful, as opposed to just setting up a shoot with someone pretty and snapping away… it really opened my eyes to styled shoots, and how to get inspired and creative.

lucy scarfe model looking down with moody wedding makeup


14 Floral Styled shoot of snow white at photography farm

vogue style wedding posing






Thank you to everyone who made the shoot possible – especially Lisa! x

Organiser/Main photographer: Lisa Devlin

Shot at Photography Farm

Model Lucy Scarfe

Dresses The Couture Company

Accessories Flo and Percy

Set Design and Flowers Petal and Feast

Hair and Make-up Elbie Van Eeden

Assistant Alexa Clarke Kent