Relaxed Dog walk Engagement shoot in Harlestone Firs Northamptonshire with Jessie, Chloe and Honey

Jessie & Chloe booked me recently for their Skylark Farm wedding taking place this year. Super excited, we agreed to meet for a chat, dog walk and some pre-wedding photos. We met at the Harleston garden centre for a coffee first (I can highly recommend their hot chocolate!). After a chat about their day and what they had planned, we did a walk in the Harleston firs with Honey, their golden labrador. She loved every minute of it. It was the place that Jessie & Chloe went on their first date and where they got engaged.

It was a pretty dreary day in terms of weather, but a really lovely day to be wandering the woods and throwing a stick for Honey! I thoroughly enjoyed this engagement shoot and think we did more talking than we did taking pictures, which sounds about right. Now, to schedule a dog walk where my babies can meet Honey! That should be fun 😉

Check the photos below 🙂

Harlestone Firs Engagement Photos