With over 10 years experience in the wedding industry as an ALTERNATIVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER SCOTLAND I share my advice on how, and why, you should, get married here.


couple dance on calton hill edinburgh after getting engaged, photographed by alternative wedding photographer scotland

Photographing weddings in Scotland is one of my favourite things ever. With beautiful light, impeccable scenery and really lovely people, I’m really glad to be known as an alternative wedding photographer in Scotland. Having lived in the west end of Glasgow for over 4 years I’ve come to know the area really well.With beautiful venues all over Scotland such as Colstoun, Byre at Inchyra and other unique and quirky wedding venues, there are few places that are as perfect for a wedding or elopement.

Here are some of my top reasons why Scotland is the best place to get married!

• Beautiful light

• You can get married outside without legally having to stand under a fixed structure – so can literally marry almost anywhere
• Gorgeous scenery and landscapes
• Quirky city streets with magnificent architecture
• Super friendly people
• Humanist ceremonies are legal
• Wide range of venues to suit all
• An excuse for guests to have a holiday up in Scotland
• Gorgeous Winters
• Beaches, mountains and lochs
• Ancient Scottish traditions which are pretty cool


Colstoun House

A rustic restored coach house wedding venue in East Lothian, Scotland. Exclusive use, owners that are so warm and friendly, a space that doesn’t need much decor but has the blank canvas if required. It’s where I got married!

colstoun house alternative wedding venue scotland farm barn historic country manor house venue

Cairns Farm Estate

A new venue near Edinburgh on an exclusive use basis. Beautiful architecture, again not needing much doing to it but can easily transform it to make it your own. Incredible light, views of the lake and farms – I just love it. The staff who run it are amazing and I can’t wait to be back.


I’ve been photographing weddings in/around Scotland for 10 years now – and the weather has rarely made me think “Hmm, wish this wedding was elsewhere today!”. Weather doesn’t impact your wedding day as much as you’d think – and if you hire a professional photographer, you’ll still get incredible photos, providing you’re up for working with your photographer. I do say this with a pinch of salt however, because if your venue has literally no shelter whatsoever, your photographer can only work with what they’re given – so bear this in mind to an extent. This would be the case throughout the world though, you never know when it’s going to rain suddenly. Even if it does rain, 9/10 weddings I’ve done where it’s rained, there’s normally a dry few minutes after the meal before the dancing, which is certainly worthwhile going outside for.


There are different types of ceremonies that can take place in Scotland. A religious wedding with a religious celebrant at a place of worship, A religious celebrant at a venue, A registry office wedding with a registrar, A venue wedding with a visiting registrar, or a humanist ceremony. Humanist ceremonies are legally binding in Scotland, so unlike England you don’t need to legalise things beforehand. This is entirely your decision as it’s a personal one that you and your partner should discuss and research as to what suits you and your beliefs.


Are you thinking of having a big traditional wedding, an alternative offbeat non conventional wedding, or a small intimate wedding? Or are you considering an elopement? Elopements in Scotland are very popular because it’s such a beautiful country, and as mentioned previously humanist ceremonies are legal so you could go to a spot like Firkin Point, stand in front of Loch Lomond and get married. Your celebrant will discuss all the ins and outs with you, but unlike elsewhere in the UK, you don’t need a licensed venue/a fixed structure to stand under, to tie the knot.


Whether it’s a mooch about the city centre, or a short drive away from the city to beautiful spots with lochs, hills, farms and woodlands – you are spoilt for choice in Scotland!

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