Falls of Dochart Engagement Photos near Loch Tay – Leana & Baptiste

Meeting up with this pair was one of the best shoot days of 2021 for me. An engagement and family shoot in one (will link to the family shoot here). We met up, had a wander around Killin (super cute village btw if you haven’t been) and the Falls of Dochart. Crazy busy, we went off on an adventure, and got to a little nook that overlooked the gorgeous loch.

Getting photographs taken was a super important thing to have done to this lovely family. Having had a baby at the start of the pandemic, gotten engaged and just not having had the opportunity to get some photos taken as a family of 3, or as a couple newly engaged – they got in touch with me on a trip up to Scotland. Going through options we decided on the cute village of Killin where we parked up next to the Co-op, had a wander around the Falls of Dochart and proceeded on to another little hidden dirt road which had an opening overlooking the water. 

It had rained on and off, 2 year olds have their own schedule (my goodness he was a superstar!) and we had to cope with A LOT of tourists. I think we aced this one. As mentioned above I’ve separated this into Engagement Shoot and Family Shoot section posts. 

Having photos taken are super important in my opinion – otherwise I wouldn’t do what I do. It’s never too late to have photos taken as a couple, whether you’re engaged or married or just living life to the fullest, together. It doesn’t need to be a special photoshoot like this one, when you’re next at a wedding as guests ask the photographer to take a nice one of you both (its what we’re there for!) 

I definitely felt the pressure on this shoot as Leana is an incredible wedding photographer herself based in Tunbridge Wells. Let’s just say I held my breath sending the gallery over, and am thankful she replied very quickly with excitement – eek! So pleased to call her a friend too after such a fun adventure and being trusted with such special photos to her and her family xx

View their Falls of Dochart Engagement photos near Loch Tay