Couples maternity photos taken at Loch Lomond’s Firkin Point in Scotland | Kitti + Sulman

Having a baby is such a massive thing to happen, but even just getting pregnant often gets forgotten about. I remember having my own son nearly 3 years ago now – but had it not been for photographs, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I looked like as it feels like such a long time ago.

It took us a long time to conceive and we were so paranoid throughout my whole pregnancy (naturally) that I had quite a hard time getting excited. I would often make time to sit and just appreciate what a massive thing my body was doing, thanked it and looked after it but at 36 weeks I massively panicked that I had been so focused on ticking off each week passing, that I’d not actually taken more than 4 photos of me being pregnant – and none of them were “with my big camera” or just none that I really loved. 

At this point I felt too uncomfortable and uninspired to do any of myself. I didn’t feel like those beautiful glowing pregnant moms, but I also knew deep down I didn’t want to forget what my body had done for us. My fantastic friend down in Leamington Spa (Faye Green) took some photos for me a few weeks before Finn was born, and it’s some of the most sentimental photos I will ever have. I have always loved taking maternity photos because I just think being pregnant is such an incredible thing and something that not everyone is blessed with – but I never truly appreciated just how sentimental they were until our own fertility journey + then having our son. I do wish I’d thought ahead a little more about having some done and timed it so that my husband was in them – but we made up for that with a family shoot soon after.

When this sweet couple got in touch asking me to take photos asap of them, all those feelings came rushing back knowing full well the challenges they felt. They weren’t big fans of having photographs taken, they weren’t big posing type of people and just wanted really simple, natural but beautiful photos to remember the time they were just the 2 of them and their adorable dog – before life became just a wee bit different.

Often we have maternity photos taken of just ourselves, it’s easy to forget the other person involved in making this miracle happen. Including the person you’re going to raise this child with is such a sentimental thing to do – because not only have you, and are you going to change physically, mentally and emotionally – so are they. To look back on these photos in 20 years time and think “Gosh, look at us there…!” Is something pretty special.

Their love for Scotland and scenery got me thinking of locations with water and views, but also somewhere safe and accessible because at the end of the day, I’m not a midwife and didn’t want to risk needing to deliver their gorgeous daughter up on a munro or Glencoe , so the next best thing — Loch Lomond. 

I’m not lying when I say that the heavens opened that day. It was an hour and a half journey for me at the time as I lived on the far side of Falkirk, and the whole drive over it was just raining and getting heavier. I just kept thinking “gosh I really hope it dries up soon” , and you know what? It did. For exactly the 57 minutes I needed it to. It started raining the last 3 minutes of us taking photos and bolting it to the carpark! I couldn’t think of a luckier shoot. I’m also so happy to be living so much closer now that we’re back in Glasgow.

Thank you so much K&S for trusting me to take these special photos for you. You went with the flow, enjoyed the adventure and one anothers company and really just took it in your stride enjoying 1 last adventure before your daughter made her entrance into this beautiful world. I am lucky to have met you and will forever be grateful

These are my personal favourites from the session, please enjoy xx