Outfit Inspiration: What to wear as a guest to every type of ceremony

Summer is the time of year that brings to mind the sound of birds chirping, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the feel of the warm sun against your skin. And for those of us whose friends are engaged, it also brings to mind the dates that have already been marked on our calendars.

Yes, you guessed it. It’s wedding season.

The months of June through October are not only stressful for brides and grooms as they see the final details of their warm weather weddings come together. But it can also be stressful for the guests when it comes time to find something to wear. With so many event styles that have specific rules of dress that should be followed, it’s important to make sure you understand what’s appropriate to wear on the couple’s special day.

To help you start gathering ideas for your summer wedding outfits, check out this Wedding Guest Style Guide from The Black Tux and then consult the examples below for some real wedding inspiration.

Real Wedding Inspiration

Semiformal Dressy Casual

This event style serves as the middle ground between formal and casual. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings with the main difference being the hues chosen for daytime or evening affairs. For daytime ceremonies, stick to lighter colours like the tan and coloured suit jackets seen at this barn wedding. For evening weddings, opt for darker suits instead.

Black Tie Optional

This can be considered the next step up from the semiformal style. Although a tuxedo isn’t a requirement to attend this ceremony, it is acceptable if one would like to do so. Aim for cocktail-length dresses, seen at this Modern L.A. wedding, and formal dark suits like these wedding tuxedos.

Beach Formal

Perhaps the one event style that gives off the most summery vibes, this ceremony will call for you to dress in breezy, comfortable clothing. For the ladies, a flowy summer sundress, like the ones seen in this Costa Rica wedding, are ideal. For the gentlemen, no tie is required as you should sport khaki or linen pants with a button-down or linen shirt.

No matter how you go about selecting your appropriate wedding season attire, the key to both fitting in and being comfortable while in attendance at the nuptials is planning ahead. Whether you’re in need of a groomsmen tux or an evening gown for a black tie affair, be sure to determine your outfit well in advance of that already-marked date on your calendar for some peace of mind as the summer months approach.

** This was a guest post with information and advice kindly provided by The Black Tux