Manette & Alex’s Romantic summer Leamington Spa couples photoshoot

Romantic summer Leamington Spa couples photoshoot

Manette surprised Alex with a Leamington Spa couples photoshoot for their 1 year anniversary together. She planned everything carefully from outfits to locations. They both travelled up from the outskirts of London. We started off taking some photos in Jeffsons Gardens and wandered over to The Drawing Board pub where we had a drink and a chat. They enjoyed a nostalgic game of pick up sticks.

After our time in Leamington city centre, we headed over to Stoneleigh fields. Here we made use of some smoke grenades (Enola Gaye cool burn pull-trigger ones. Always be careful when using them). We spoke about the fate that brought them both together, past times (Manette and I actually went to school together in South Africa, and now both live in the UK!), photography, the location, dogs, and just general goofiness.

Thank you so much for asking me to document this chapter in your lives.

Happy anniversary guys!