Wedding Trends We’ll See In 2023

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Wedding Trends That Are Set To Be Huge In 2023

Wedding trends – It’s hard to believe that the 2022 wedding season is almost over. I’ve got ?? more weddings left before I hang up my camera for Christmas. This season has been wonderful and I am so looking forward to the weddings I have coming up in 2023. 

Now, one of my favourite things about my job is getting a front row seat to dozens of weddings each year, and seeing how trends change.  Of course there are elements that follow us through each season but new wedding trends tend to burst onto the scene each year and I love trying to predict what is going to be big. 

My Favourite Wedding Trends For 2023

From wedding fashions to wedding venues and decor, from more sustainable weddings to a micro weddings boom. I’ve done a lot of reading, chatted to some of my industry friends and have pulled together some of the wedding trends that are set to be huge in 2023. They all sound fab! 

It’s been hard to narrow them down but here are some of my favourite wedding trends for 2023.

bride and groom being covered in colourful ribbons as they walk back down the aisle wedding trends scottish wedding photographer

1 – Bright, Bold & Beautiful

2023 is due to be all about the colour! Think bold, bright colours in everything from flowers to bridesmaid dresses and wedding decor. Blocks of colour, colour pops and swipes of bright hues against paler colours are all set to be big.

brides posing in city centre lane with their pet dog wedding trends scottish wedding photography

2 – Wedding Suits For Women

I’ve already started to notice this trend amongst guests. More and more women are forgoing dresses and wearing colourful suits when they attend weddings. It looks like this fashion trend is set to get even bigger in 2023 with brides turning to suits instead of a more traditional wedding dress. I can’t wait!

3 – Eco-Conscious Weddings

None of us will have failed to hear or read about the climate emergency and the wedding industry is not immune to this. A big trend for 2023 (and onwards) will be more eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. Suppliers are also doing their bit for the planet and lots, including me, are making far more eco-conscious decisions. Biodegradable packaging and locally sourced or more seasonal produce will be key over the coming years. There are so many options for couples too. Suit and bridal dress rentals are becoming increasingly popular for example as is upcycling, which also takes care of the ‘something old’ tradition too! 

I’m seeing lots more eco-friendly favours at weddings too and I really hope this continues. Edible favours, mini succulents, seeds and charity donations are all fab ideas.

outdoor ceremony bride and groom walking hand in hand back down the aisle with forest in background wedding trends

4 – Outdoor Weddings & Humanist Ceremonies

Now, this one doesn’t actually apply to Scotland but I had to put it in as it shows just how ahead of the curve us Scots are! England, Wales and Northern Ireland have finally seen the light and allowed weddings to take place outdoors. This is providing the venue itself has a wedding licence. 

Now this is slightly different to Scottish law, where weddings are legal as long as they are conducted by a Humanist celebrant. So you literally can get married anywhere! But I have to say, this is such a step in the right direction and hopefully all UK marriage laws will soon become as progressive as Scotland’s. 

Humanist ceremonies, although not legal yet (anywhere except Scotland), are also becoming more and more popular. Couples are opting to ‘do the legal bit’ on a different day and then holding a wedding day Humanist ceremony. That way they can say personal vows,incorporate as many or as few wedding traditions within their ceremony as they like and even have a friend or loved one conduct their ceremony if they wish.

5 – Twilight Weddings

Another trend that has started to make an appearance in 2022, twilight weddings are all set to be the big new thing in 2023 and 2024. No, these aren’t weddings inspired by a certain teen romance vampire movie. Instead they’re weddings that are perfect for couples who are looking for a slightly less conventional wedding day timeline. 

A twilight wedding tends to start with a 5pm before skipping the traditional wedding breakfast and going straight into the drinks reception and party. They tend to be most popular in the winter months. Lots of wedding venues are offering specific twilight wedding packages. Imagine a sunset wedding ceremony, so romantic!

6 – First Looks

With the increasing popularity of later ceremonies first looks are set to become even more of a ‘thing’ in 2023. I already photograph a lot of first looks (where the couple see each other ahead of their wedding ceremony) when I shoot elopements but I’m finding more and more couples are enjoying meeting up ahead of the vows. They tell me it calms the nerves and they love having that moment together. Just the two of them. 

I always recommend a first look during the winter months, especially if it’s set to go dark during or soon after the ceremony. It gives us chance to get those couple portraits done & dusted whilst we’ve still got light.

7 – Wedding Party Shake Ups

Best Women, BridesMen, Flower Guys, whatever you want to call these roles the traditional wedding party is having a big old shakeup! And about time too I say! No need to stick to the typical ushers and best man in one group and bridesmaids in another. Let the men walk down the aisle flinging petals! Get your best girl friend to stand up and give a speech. Make sure your very closest friends are by your side on your day, whatever their gender.

bride dancing with friends as they lift her dress in the air wedding trends scottish wedding photography

8 – First Dance Alternatives

It’s an age old tradition, the newly weds take to the dancefloor to sway together. Rather awkwardly in most cases! So many couples do not look forward to that moment so I’m sure many of you will be pleased to hear that first dance alternatives are becoming a thing! 

A first dance alternative still marks the opening of the dancefloor and the beginning of the evening shenanigans. You can go classy with a champagne tower or how about some retro fun with a Guitar Hero dual?! If you are talented singers then kick off with some karaoke (or Bandeoke!) or you could simply break out the glow sticks, stick on a banging party tune and get your DJ or band to invite everyone up straight away. 

If you want to stay slightly traditional then go for a first dance with a twist. Invite your parents or wedding party up to join you in the dance. That way all eyes aren’t just on the two of you. Whatever you decide, do what feels right for you both.

2023 Wedding Trends & Traditions

I hope this blog has been helpful in your wedding planning, are you planning to incorporate any of these trends in your own wedding? I’d love to hear if so! 

If you’ve just started out on your wedding planning journey and are on the hunt for a Scottish wedding photographer then please get in touch and let’s chat!