bride and groom both wearing black holding hands as they walk through grass field with green mountains in background monachyle mhor wedding

Monachyle Mhor Wedding with Stunning Lochside Ceremony

bride and groom both wearing black holding hands as they walk through grass field with green mountains in background monachyle mhor wedding

Monachyle Mhor wedding photography – Anna & David 

Anna & David’s Monachyle Mhor wedding. Do you believe in fate? It sounds like a strange question to ask as a wedding photographer. After all the vast majority of people visit my website because they have found the person they want to spend their life with!

However, I always love to hear people’s thoughts on fate / chance / whatever you like to call it. With Anna and David, it was by complete chance that Anna happened to walk into the same bar where David was working that evening.

It was chance that drove them to catch each other’s eye and it was, well, probably a few glasses of dutch courage that got them talking! So whether they had any thoughts on fate before that night I’d say they’re both firm believers now! 

And that night led them to a Scottish lochside, thousands of miles from their hometown of Texas. Anna has loved Scotland for as long as she can remember. She has family ties over here so when they started talking about wedding plans she knew of the perfect place for them to get married, outdoors next to a Scottish loch! 

Wedding at Monachyle Mhor

With Anna and David being in Texas there were definite logistical complications when it came to planning their wedding. This is where the fabulous Cat from Fin Flükra came in. Fin Flükra – Cat – is a Stirling-based wedding planner who specialises in the most beautiful, unique celebrations for couples looking to get married in Scotland. 

The whole process worked brilliantly. In Cat’s capable hands Anna and David’s plans came to life. Along with around a dozen of their nearest and dearest they arrived at Monachyle Mhor ready to tie the knot next to Loch Voil. 

Nestled in the Trossachs National Park Monachyle Mhor is a luxury, boutique hotel that is perfect for couples looking to elope or hold a micro wedding celebration. It’s in the most stunning setting, surrounded by mountains and with sweeping views over the lochs ideal for stunning Highlands wedding photographs! It was the ideal location for Anna and David’s day.  

Intimate, beautiful lochside ceremony

That morning I joined Anna and her daughter who were getting ready along with Anna’s best friend and her best friend’s daughter. It was pouring with rain but no one let that dampen their spirits. We all joked that it wouldn’t be a truly Scottish wedding without a downpour! 

I love that Anna opted for comfort and wore her trusty Dr. Martens. They went perfectly with her black wedding dress. After a teacup of whiskey to settle the nerves (Anna, not me!) we grabbed some umbrellas and set off to the loch. 

David was blown away as soon as he set eyes on his bride. His face was a picture and he couldn’t contain his emotions. Anna walked down the aisle on the arm of her daughter and, as she reached David, the rain stopped. We all let out a little sigh of relief, our manifestations had worked like a charm!

Both Anna and David had been determined to go ahead with an outdoor ceremony regardless of the weather but we were definitely relieved when it dried up and everyone was able to ditch the umbrellas. 

Celebrations a plenty

The lovely Claire The Humanist conducted a beautiful, personal and humorous ceremony. Anna and David had been keen to include lots of Scottish traditions so had a piper, a handfasting, and drinking from the quaich. This has to be one of my favourite Scottish ceremony rituals.

The couple each drink from the quaich, a two-handled drinking vessel. They hold a handle each symbolising togetherness and trust. The traditional quaich drink is, of course, a fine single malt. What else! 

Following the ceremony we slowly made our way back up to the Mhor, stopping for photographs along the way. It was such a joyous atmosphere, Anna and David couldn’t stop smiling and they kept pausing to gaze at the gorgeous views.

Once we reached Monachyle Mhor I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Anna and David in front of the iconic venue before they went in to relax with their family and friends. 

It was such a joy to be a part of Anna and David’s wedding day, I absolutely loved spending time with them both and their guests. Everyone was in high spirits and Anna and David were on cloud 9!

Who can blame them, Cat at Fin Flukra had pulled together a dream team of suppliers and they had the wedding they’d dreamt of.

I must make a special mention to Briar Rose Design who created some gorgeous florals, I especially liked how she incorporated the colours of the bridal party into their bouquets. 

I adore photographing Scottish elopements and micro weddings. If you’re planning your own Monachyle Mhor wedding then I’d love to hear from you.

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